Top 15 for 2015

When I was first asked to be an ambassador for lululemon two years ago the thing I was most excited about was the potential for free stretchy pants! What I have come to learn is the clothes ARE amazing BUT most importantly the people have made an even bigger impact on my life. I'm lucky to call many lemons great friends!

Last week I sat down with Jess, an assistant manager at my cumberland lululemon store. She asked me to write down my top 15 goals for 2015. I loved this task because my goals could be anything from super serious relationship/work/life goals to silly fun goals that serve only to make me more happy.

I did my goals and came home to ask Matt to do his. The funny thing was at least five of our goals were the exact same! 

I LOVE goals. The nice thing I've learned about them is that they don't all need to come true. Some are just there to point you in the right direction.

Without further adieu here are my top 15 for 2015.

1. Go to Thailand
2. Start an online bod squad class
3. Create a Bod Squad retreat in Nicaragua for spring 2016
4. Master a pistol squat
5. Master a handstand (with press up for bonus points)
6. Complete house purchase
7. Go snowshoeing
8. Go to three new restaurants
9. Crush the 40 minute barrier for my 10k
10. Watch all Oscar nominated movies
11. Create a budget 
12. Do yoga at least twice a week
13. Meditate 
14. Cut down on drinking and sugar consumption 
15. Find and buy a great pair of jeans that I love since my last ones that I had for seven years just ripped!

I highly recommend this project. Set yourself a limit of no more than 30 minutes to make your first draft, you can always go back to them. Then share them! Part of turning goals into accomplishments is actioning them by putting them out into the universe! Make it a goal to tell at least one person your goals! Good luck and happy goal digging!!

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