Next Chapter

"What happened to Beauty and the Bod?! I LOVED your blog?!"


Well I love YOU. And thank you for your support over the years. This is not goodbye it's just a snap crackle and a POP in a new direction.

Here's the thing: I am a do-er. As many of you know I am a bit of an action junkie. I love discovering new and exciting workouts, recipes, neighbourhoods, the list goes on! And over the last six months really I have decided to shift my focus onto doing more of what makes me happy - doing things.

I love love love blogging but here is the honest truth - it's a lone sport. In Beauty and the Bod's peak I was spending hours behind a computer screen editing a blog post to get it just right. I would read my posts over and over, spend hours taking photos, making collages and brainstorming fresh content. I did love parts of it - mainly the daily connection with you guys! But the very thing I preach - activity and movement was slipping further away from me. Bloggers I give you HUGE credit. To do it right requires HOURS if not days of behind the scenes work. I had one too many lonely screaming fits with my computer and I realized that I needed to take a bit of a breather.

When I came up for air I realized I could still have the same awesome connection with you - if not better because it's more frequent! - on Instagram and my facebook page. I post there daily about health, fitness, workouts, running, yoga, my life, great recipes. Lots and lots of fun stuff! Please follow me.

As for the social media name change. The story behind "beauty and the bod" was that at the time of it's conception my sister Lindsay was in school to become a make-up artist and I was a brand new trainer. I was the "bod' she was the "beauty" expert. As it turned out Linds went on to become a bonafide business lady and she works at an online payment company now and loves it. Writing beauty and the bod without really having a CLUE what to do about the beauty side did not feel authentic to me. Because, let's be honest - half the time if left to my own devices I look like I did my make-up in the dark (because it's IS usually dark out when and if I ever do it!). 

This is absolutely not the last you will hear from me! I will continue to have an active voice on social media through instagram and facebook. At this time the content on the blog will stay but for the new good stuff you will be able to find it live and in the moment on those platforms.

Thank you for ALL of your support. It has meant the world to me. This blog gave me a voice and absolutely helped me grow my wings to start the business I have and love today. You're the best.