So You Want to Start A Business?

So I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that if you've clicked on this post you're thinking about starting your own business.

My overall advice: do it.

1. Don't procrastinate.

I think that we all have this innate need for perfection. Especially when you're putting yourself out there it is easy to think that you need the perfect camera, the perfect outfit, the perfect life before you can really get going. This is SO not true!
I know first had that progress is way more attractive than perfection
Just think of it this way, if you walked into the gym today and saw a gorgeous supermodel woman ... if you're like me you'd probably secretly hate her for a second. But if you saw a sort of overweight looking lady and then three months later she came back in and was that supermodel you would be wowed and want to know exactly what she did and how to get there. 
That's how I've seen my business. I know it's not going to be supermodel perfection right from the get-go but you can't learn unless you do. So just do it. 

2. We are in the Wild West - embrace it!

There has never been a better time to connect with people EVER. We have entered a wild west thanks to the internet and the world is literally our itty bitty oyster. Eat it up! 
I remember wayyy back in the day when I took a grade six typing class our teacher gave us an hour long lecture about how we should never EVER put our picture up on the big bad internet because then someone could take it and add it to a naked body and we would suddenly become a pornstar. Seriously, that was the mindset just over a decade ago! Now there are so many selfies of naked bums and beach bods if all those online pictures were thrown into a pile it would almost be impossible to distinguish your own bum! 

3. Build a brand - get out there.

If you're just starting a business then get firing on ALL social media channels available to you. The number one thing you need to do is  get vocal. If people don't know about your business how will they ever be able to support it? As difficult as it is for me to display myself on social media at times I understand that it is absolutely vital to the success of my business. Not everyone is going to LOVE it ... but luckily the internet is a HUGE world and they can (and should) just click off elsewhere :o)!

4. Believe in what you're selling!

I always ask myself - would I want join bod squad? Luckily I've always thought - absolutely. If you're not drinking your own kool-aid it is pretty tough trying to pour it down someone else's throat. 
If you wouldn't be willing to buy your product perhaps that's where you should focus first.

5. Charge your mother.

You just can't live for free so stop working for free. If you play it you pay for it. I love my mom and I'm so glad she's an awesome business lady who can afford Bod Squad a few times over but that's not really the point! The main message here is STOP discounting everyone because at the end of the day the person you're really discounting is yourself. The second you offer a "sale" or any kind of discount you're only taking a notch off your own business belt. It is soooo easy to get in the habit of taking cuts left right and centre ... before you know it you will be trapped in a relationship that doesn't seem at all fair. Believe me almost everyone is going to try to get a discount somehow someway. Don't do it. In business, nothing says I love you like cash.

6. Be nice to people.

In university I started to finally notice that the smartest people in the room where usually the ones going around and helping other people with their questions. They weren't hoarding their notes or keeping all to themselves. They were quizzing their friends, tutoring them - because really helping others also can totally help you to. And it's just good karma, don't be a bitch - be a business. 

7. Stop taking everything so personally.

This is totally still super hard for me but I must admit I am wayyyy better than I once was at this. People are always going to have opinions and that's just what they are, nothing less or nothing more than what you want to make of them. It is SO easy to read a comment online and take a negative tone away from it. Just keep positive and keep moving forward. Most of the time they probably meant no harm in the first place ... but if they did then do as they say and let your haters be your motivators!  

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