Uncomfortable vs Exhaustion

My clients know there is one thing that drives me crazy – not trying. I don't care if you can do 1 push-up or 101 push-ups but I do care when you're clearly not trying your best. Whenever I see that happening I get angry and believe me that's not a good sight – kill mode switches ON! This video is perfect because it separates the thought process from the action. When you think you're doing all that you can do there is usually about 2-3% more inside you.

I love this video because it outlines how I feel about starting my own business and also how I try to help people understand their own training potential.

If you want to be successful you have to ACT on it.

Nobody spoon fed me clients, I didn't sit around for a year hoping more people would come try my workouts I ACTIVELY built my brand on this very blog every single day. I made flyers, offered free training sessions at charity events, blindly reached out to companies like Totum and made my own connections. I still wake up every single day and ask myself – how can this all be better? What can I do to make Preston Fitness, this blog, myself better? Everything is my business.

If you want to change your life, start a business, get fit first you need to make a decision. Once that happens you need to focus in on it and go for it. Ask yourselves, five years from now what are you going to wish you did today? Then do that.

The secret to getting ahead is first getting started. That's the biggest obstacle for many people starting a training program is just getting their shoes on and out the door. That's the same for a business – just get your website up and go from there. Don't worry about being perfect from the start – I sure wasn't and I'm still FAR from it. The truth is perfection bugs people; we all want to see progress. It's the natural instinct to root for the underdog. Embrace the fact that you (and I) are probably underdogs right now and work that angle! Stop worrying about what everything will look like three months from now and focus on that first step and make it the best step you've ever taken. Take it from me, everyone has days when they don't want to workout, write their blog, do yoga whatever it is just get moving – it gets a lot better.

Once you get started you cannot let fear get in the way of your dreams. I'm scared to some degree everyday but I turn fear into more action. Fear is natural but don't let yourselves get psyched out, get psyched up. Make your fear productive. This time last year I was fearful that I wouldn't be able to make rent, I was charging almost half of what I do now and biking around Toronto to client's homes because I didn't have a car. Lots has changed but I'm still pedal to the metal like I was then and maybe even more so now. Believe in the process and see it through to the end. 

You have to jump into the deep end. Decide you're going to do it and DO IT.

Realize that not everyone is going to like you. In fact, most people are going to be a little bit jealous of you and they are going to try to get in the way of what you're doing. Don't let that happen. It's quite common once someone starts to lose weight, become more healthy, or get a promotion, etc. their support system will go a little wonky. Take only the good and leave the bad. This concept of taking the good took me awhile to grasp – my very first blog was about cereal – read it here. For those of you who know me know that I don't pretend to be a perfect eater, I enjoy my daily dose of chocolate but I work for it big time! I was a little nervous about writing my first blog but I thought who could really have anything bad to say about natural peanut butter cereal?? Well I was wrong! My post was basically cyber bully style attacked on facebook by a friend of a friend's extremist crossfit person who told me that I was feeding more garbage to the internet and that I should know better – the best breakfast is actually steak and nuts. We went back and forth on the topic and more than 44 comments were written in total. If you read the article I never stated that it was the healthiest choice, but just a better one from my alternative of a bagel and pb. At the time I was embarrassed and I felt like my credibilty was totally undermined.

Anyway the point of that ridiculousness is that it put me off my game for months. I was scared to post anything new because I didn't want it to be attacked again. Then I realized, "what the hell am I doing giving this guy exactly what he wants?" and I started blogging again. 

The process feeds the fire.

I was glad that set back happened early because I don't take all the negative stuff to heart like I used to. When you're passionate about something and you have something to say (you all do!) then say it!

Once you get started then it's three simple things that will keep you going: hard work, dedication and direction. Believe in yourselves because if I can do this then you totally can too.