lululemon lesson

One of the reasons why I date Matt is because he is a sane person. I would classify myself as slightly insane … which is part of the reason why I can blog daily! He keeps me grounded and always looks on the bright side of life and people. A trait I admire and aspire to have more of myself.

Yesterday we needed to go to the bank but while we were out and about I managed to squeeze in a quick visit to Lululemon. In the dressing room's obligatory man bench Matt came across this great story in a children's book:

Two monks are walking from one monastery to another. Along the way they cross paths with a wealthy, beautifully dressed, woman who is rude to them. They meet up with her party again at the river, where she clearly needs assistance to get across to avoid damaging her outfit. The older monk offers to carry her across the water and at some risk to himself in the swirling waters, he gets her across. She doesn’t even say thank you, and leaves.

The two monks continue walking for a few more hours until the younger one bursts out ‘how rude that woman was, first she didn’t acknowledge us properly and then she didn’t thank you after you carried her across the waters.’ And the older monk looked at him and replied, ‘I put her down hours ago, why are you still carrying her?’

{Me with a Monk in Thailand last year – they are not supposed to touch women … hence our statue pose}

Ahh those monks know a thing or two. Why am I still carrying her? The real takeaway lesson though is Matt should become a monk.

And yes, I did get another outfit! I'll show you guys tomorrow.