I Got Knocked Down

As an entrepreneur you're going to fail. Sometimes you fail hard, sometimes you fail lightly but it will happen. I have come to expect and appreciate failure which, being a competitive, first-born female, total A-type control freak, was a difficult adjustment!

Let me tell you about my biggest failure so far…

One thing you should know about me is that I am a work horse. I will put everything on the line, in sports and so far in business and go for it. I get tunnel vision and work tirelessly make things happen. This time last year I was beginning to embark on a path to open a fitness and health facility. I spent months pouring over a business plan, working out detailed financial spreadsheets. One night I even pooled ten of my parent's best and brightest business minds into a room to brainstorm on behalf of this new company. I organized meetings with web-designers, architects, and creative agencies. I spent countless tearful nights with Matt on what my hopes were and whether or not I thought they could actually happen. We even had a floor plan:

And then it never came to be. Let me elaborate on exactly how I failed. I failed because I didn't listen to my gut until the 11th hour 59th minute. There were new pieces of financial information put into the mix near the closing of our lease which were difficult to digest quickly. The strongest reason though was I simply wasn't ready so I ultimately pulled the trigger on this dream.

It was brutal.

During the month of December I went into a period of serious depression. I felt like I was going through a divorce. I couldn't walk by the location without feeling a deep pit of my stomach sadness. Hindsight is seriously bigger than 20-20, more like 80-20! At the time I felt like my world was ending, I believed that I would never have another great opportunity, but ultimately this failure was the best thing that ever happened to me. It put some hair on my chest, gave me a few battle wounds and most importantly this failed opportunity taught me how to actually listen to my gut and make a faster call next time (which is already happening!).

Whenever I meet with new business owners (or even older ones) the common theme I hear from people is a fear of failure. After going though this recent experience I have learned that I am scared of the opposite: never going for it. The truth is everyone fails, it's how you handle the failure that separates the struggling from the successful. If you haven't made any mistakes lately then you're doing something terribly wrong – that goes for business and also for fitness! Failures can all be opportunities, everything is seriously what we make it. Just look at the people at the top of this post!