Find Your Greatness

At this point in my life and business I can completely relate to this little guy looking off the diving board. I am him. I feel like I am making leaps and reaches with my business every single day. I'm constantly freaked out, working hard to make sure everything doesn't suddenly fall to pieces. Putting yourself out there is scary but the only thing scarier to me is never going for it. I know now that if I never peered over the edge, took a step off and held my breath, I wouldn't have half of the success I'm only finally starting to see after months (and months!) of effort.

I think right now – especially with the Olympics on in full swing – it's easy to assume that superstars are just born with some innate natural gift. That success is predetermined and only available to a chosen few. That if you have something great it's because it's a "gift".

I recently had a close friend say to me, "what a nice little business you've been handed." Pardon? Handed?! No part of what I have now was handed. It was hand crafted. Going for your greatness takes huge guts. And in no way to I see myself even close to it, but I am going for it. My test is if I can't make my heart pound once per week then I'm just not working hard enough to find it.

I know greatness isn't just given, it needs to be driven. Go for yours!

p.s. I love you Nike.