Entrepreneurship and Responsibility

In the past month my business has literally tripled. I've hit what feels like my first real "tipping point" and the feeling has been nothing short of overwhelming, rewarding and nerve racking!

The biggest reason for my success so far is I have total confidence in what I do and I'm 100% accountable 100% of the time. And, as one client noted – I work like there's a "fire under my ass"!

A typical day starts at 5 am (ok, I sleep in Mondays and Wednesdays to 5:30 am) and ends around 7:30 pm. I have time off in-between but I'm always doing something businessy – a workout, blogging, phone calls, e-mails, program development, etc.

I can never be late, never sleep-in, never call in sick, always have to look my best – workout, eat right, brush my hair, dress nicely. I have to be happy and up 110% of the time, which 109% of the time is absolutely not a problem because I'm in love with my job but nevertheless it is my mandate.

Being good at what you do is one thing but being an entrepreneur is a totally different ball game all together. If there's something wrong – it's your problem, someone sleeps in or gets sick and feels like they should get a free class – that's you're call, if someone is rude or moody – that's yours to confront or ignore, if someone tries to wheel out of not paying you – it's up to you to deal with them. If you have a client that's a total drag – it's up to you to tell them you can't work together anymore (believe me this is never fun but totally necessary to grow the right business). It's heavy stuff.

On the flip side you're in charge, you set your schedule, you control your destiny and you can make buckets of money.

There's practically not a day that goes by that I don't wish on some level that I was more "normal". Less intense about business and fitness, more relaxed and carefree but the truth is I would probably go crazy if I didn't have a certain level of demand on my shoulders, it's just how I'm wired (thanks mom).

I truly believe entrepreneurs will shape this generation and I'm proud that I can now finally start to consider myself one of them. We are so lucky to live in a world where we all have a voice (the internet), the playing field in business is leveling. If I can do this – start a company literally out of the park behind my house – so can you!

Although it is a great responsibility I still consider entrepreneurship a great privilege and I've been blessed to have such tremendous support around me. I found this video about a year ago and every now and then when I have the desire to be "normal" I take a look back at it, I find it very motivating and I hope you do to!