Bod Squad Bliss

I freaking love my job.

Seriously Bod Squad and training brings me so much joy! Look at them go!

Last night they even let me handcuff them!

Here are some of the Bod Squaders last night doing a handcuffed ab curl! Who knows when this might come in handy again?

Last week proved to be a banner week with Bod Squad! In my nights group one of my favourite (who am I kidding – you're all my favourites!) participants, Hanna Nowers, lost 12 inches in just four weeks! A new Bod Squad record!!

The thing I love most about Hanna, and all Bod Squaders is their positive attitude – it really makes such a huge difference!

At Bod Squad nights the natural torture route is Chorley park hill (pictured). This hill is a MONSTER! It starts off gradual and then when you think you're going to die the incline ramps up a notch! During Hanna's first week her hill times were around 2:30. She would give me a look at the top like, 'OMG this is insane'. I'm used to that look!
The thing I love most about Hanna's attitude is she always has a smile on at the top and never gets discouraged. Last Wednesday night she was keeping up with the leaders of the pack and climbed Chorley in just 58 seconds!! WOO HOO! I believe in Hanna and can't wait to see her continued success though out the summer!

Bod Squad for life!