Ambassador Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes Look

My ambassador photo shoot yesterday with lululemon went really well! 

:: Me with their expert photographer Bruce ::

And much to my delight I got to keep the outfit!! Top: Scoop Neck, Crops: Wunder Under.

But, let me just say I'm glad I had a little practice with the whole photo shoot thing before yesterday! It's not easy having five people watching you attempt a flying tuck jump screaming, "chin up, pull up your pants, keep your arms down, smile more, smile less, flex those muscles!!" They were all awesome model coaches.

The weather was perfect, we shot at the Brickworks, which is really close to the summer Bod Squads so I knew which areas would be great to explore.

The main photos should be out soon and I will let you know when I'll be up in the Cumberland store in Yorkville on a poster! Honestly this all still feels like a dream come true. I'm so lucky and grateful to have this opportunity and I can't wait to do more with lululemon.