30 Days can Change Everything

I love the premise of this TED talk, it's perfect for our upcoming Breakfast Club Challenge. Matt found this and shared it with me yesterday and it just couldn't have come at a more perfect time!

This talk encourages us to think about something we've always wanted to add to our life and try it! Maybe it's biking to work, exercising on the weekdays, going on walks after dinner … try it! Apparently 30 days is the ideal length of time it takes to create a habit. Cool!

I find this 30 day period to be so true with people at my Bod Squad, most sign-up on a one month term, and after that 30 days they're hooked! More workouts Christie MORE! It's so awesome to see the increase in confidence and strength in everyone!

This is the main reason why we are going to do this month Breakfast Club Challenge. I want you to get excited about your workouts and your life!

We can do anything for 30 days. We're starting small, just one month of workouts for 10 minutes every work day and a daily healthy breakfast! I can't wait! Let's do this!

Keep the sign-ups coming!! Please comment below if you'd like to take part in our challenge!