10 Lessons From an Entrepreneur

Today marks my one year anniversary of starting Preston Fitness as a company!

One of my very first Bod Squads, we've grown from three to 23 people!

One of my very first Bod Squads, we've grown from three to 23 people!

I've had a lot of Facebook messages and e-mails lately asking me about my business and what it's like being my own boss. I figured that this was the perfect place to address that!

This past year has been a huge learning experience for me and it continues! It's been filled with ups and downs. Pay checks and dry spells. Thinking I had it all figured out and then knowing nothing.

In my eyes I'm still digging the trenches, nowhere near really even starting to build the Preston Fitness empire but I sure have learned a lot on my own this past year.

Here's a few tidbits that I wish I knew one year ago:

1. You need to love yourself before you can partner with someone else. Seriously, love yourself, love your business, love your brand. I've never been the girl to attach myself to a bad relationship, in university I dated guys before Matt but it was for 2-3 dates max because they just weren't right and I knew that so I moved on quickly. I wish I had more business sense about this! I'm still learning as I go and I still need to believe in myself more, like I'm sure many of you do too! You deserve success and happiness doing what you love.

2. Blog. Daily. Everything. Feed it. It's your baby. There's not a day that goes by that I don't worship the almightly social media gods. It is my lifeline and they can easily be yours too. Be consistent. Be original. Be you!

3. Listen to you. You know what you love to do, stop lying to yourselves, likely it has nothing to do with finanical planning or auditing. Really focus on what you do when you have nothing to do and build from there. Where's your happy place? For me it's the gym – crazy I know! For you maybe it's the hair salon, or the hockey rink. Go there. Think about it!

4. Build your own team of trusted advisors. Maybe it's your sister or your friend's dad or your best friend – keep it small. Don't take advice from everyone because you will drown in it. Listen to the people that love you and are in a position that you would like to imagine yourself in one day.

5. Don't sell yourself short. The more you do the more likely others will. Stick by your invoices. Nothing says I love you like cash. Your clients wouldn't have hired you in the first place if they couldn't afford you.

6. Focus. Hone in on what you can bring to the table. And get really, really good at it. I go to fitness classes all the time, not for my benefit but to learn. You need to focus in on your target: where is the gap in the market? Identify and niche, don't try to make believe one. There is always an audience that wants to hear what you have to say, it's up to you to find them.

7. Believe you can. I believe that our generation has entered a wild west. The internet has changed everything and will continue to do so. Roll with that. Anyone can make themselves a brand. Go for yours.

8. Put yourself out there. It takes time for people to catch on but they will! Be patient. Work hard. Work smart.

9. Don't listen to negativity. Believe me it will criple you. Surrond yourself with believers, they will support you and you can trust them. You need to be your number one believer. If you don't love what you're selling nobody will buy it.

10. Celebrate! This is probably the one lesson I still struggle with the most. Really take note of your progress and reward yourself for getting there. Write down goals, you'll be surprised at how they change and how quickly you can accomplish them.

Bottom line: I'm living the dream doing what I love. It's not easy, I'm not sitting at home shaking a money tree! There are no weekends but the best part of this adventure has been almost everyday feels like Saturday!