The Power of Happiness

Today’s blog was inspired by this TED talk:

If we study the average we will remain average. Strive to be more, in everything that you do! Beauty isn’t just beauty, it’s how you live your life in every aspect. Fitness isn’t just exercise, it is a tool that will enable you to excel and be highly productive at everything you do!

When it comes to exercise or setting life goals for ourselves don’t let yourself settle. Don’t be content to just get by or just finishing something, do what it is you love and set out to be the best at it. This video reminded me of the power of positive thinking and how just by changing our viewpoint we can totally change our perspective on everything.

It’s not necessarily our reality that shapes us but the lens we use to view our reality. If you can change the lens you can change your reality.

For example, instead of thinking you have to exercise for 30 minutes, think about it like you get to exercise for 30 minutes. Or instead of thinking you have to make dinner tonight, try a healthy delicious new recipe and celebrate! In today’s world we have so much opportunity that there is absolutely no need to settle or be negative, if you aren’t happy, if you’re unhealthy, if you’re out of shape – you can change all of that.

I am a firm believer in the believe that he who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right. – Henry Ford

So let’s change our lens and look on the brighter side of life!