Crush Post Holiday Cravings

What a weekend!

:: Lighthouse photo thanks to @cronin35 + Part of the vegetable garden at Jardins de Metis ::

We spent Canada Day / Christie Day (my 27th birthday) up at a friend's cottage in Eastern Quebec along the Gaspe shore. We kayaked beside seals, ate poutine every single day, had the best meal of my life at iX Pour Bistro in Quebec City, snoozed on hammocks, strolled through the Jardins de Metis. It was a perfect weekend. 

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I ate my way through Quebec and loved every minute of it. 

Now I am totally feeling the effects!

A few years ago I started to notice that getting back into the swing of things wasn't quite what it used to be. I had HUGE cravings for sugar post long weekend holidays.

After watching the movie Fed Up I learned that this was totally normal. Our brains are wired to crave sugar - in fact, it is 9x more addictive than cocaine! Crazy! No wonder I was suddenly seeking sugar in all forms.

What I do now to try to combat my chocolate, cheese, croissant post holiday cravings is I really ramp up the H20. Sounds boring, and it is but I find it works. I trick myself into thinking I'm slightly full and I am less likely to reach for more sugar. Also I GET RID OF IT. I give bad stuff away - usually to our concierge or ask Matt to bring it to school when he's working. Out of reach usually means out of stomach!

If you, like me are struggling with getting back on track today do not worry! In three - four days we will be back to a healthy routine and ready for another weekend!

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