Let's Make Our Day Harder

Dr. Mike Evans is back at it again. His first video 23 1/2 hours was an AWESOME inspirational video about the importance of exercise. One of my all time favourites to share with clients and friends! If you haven't seen it you can find it right here.

Today he launched a new campaign I heard about on CBC radio called: Let's Make our Day Harder. I love it.

Here's the video:

There has been a lot of research in the health medical field lately that suggests we have a severe generational case of sitting disease. That yes, exercise is still extremely important but what might be even more important is the movement throughout our daily lives. 

We watch phones, tablets, tvs - 90% of the average day is spent looking at a screen. We don't walk to friend's houses - we text them! The other day I was driving in my car on the way to a client and I noticed that I had the AC on 19 degrees and it WAS 19 degrees outside! I quickly turned it off and pushed the power button to open the windows! The bottom line is we have all gotten way to used to the "easy" button - myself included. It's time to start living like the good old days again and actually walk places. 

Just think about the last time you went on vacation and how much you walked everywhere! When I was with my family in Paris a few summers ago we ate croissants s s s for breakfast and steak frites for lunch plus a five course meal for dinner! The crazy thing was I did not gain any weight on the trip - the activity helped offset the caloric intake and the lack of mindless snacking and eating between meals also helped too!

When I first met my husband Matt he was absolutely convinced that he would never in the land of ever live in the city. Luckily somehow I wooed him in and now he kinda loves it. As great as the country is one thing I have noticed is that unless you involve yourself in lots of activities it can easily be a very sedentary lifestyle. We just purchased our first house earlier on this year. Our number one priority was location location location. City living is way more conducive to walking, the idea of being in a suburb or driving more than 20 minutes to work for me doesn't work. I'd trade a big TV room for a smaller home with access to a city ravine or path any day. I find it funny whenever I hear people say they wouldn't dream of raising kids in the city - so they drive home for two hours to their big backyards that never get used because it's dark out when they get there. It's called a park and you can actually meet other people there too!

It is time we started living like we did in the good old days again, make dates with friends to go for walks instead of lunches, actually buy a vacuum that you need to manually operate. Or really up your exercise frequency! 

Our single best treatment for good health is simply moving! Let's redesign our days to do more of it.

Thank you for all that you do Dr. Mike Evans! Keep up the great work!! You can find him here.

"Instead of driving around a parking lot for 10 minutes trying to find a spot that's 10 feet closer, just park further away in the spot reserved for people who want to live longer and have a higher quality of life!!"

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