Cool as a Cucumber

I try to look at my "diet" not in terms of what I should NOT have but instead focus on geting the good stuff in. 

When I first started considering my vegetable intake I was barely getting more than 2-3 servings a day (8-10 is ideal). If you're wondering I roughly think of servings as 1/2 cup portions. After a few weeks of focusing just on eating my veggies I felt so much healthier.

I try to focus my snacks now on getting in the good stuff. Instead of reaching for a granola or a packaged bar I'm now reaching for an entire cucumber!

Sure people might look at me strangely when I chomp down on my whole cucumber... but I'm used to that! Here's the thing. There are 30 calories in a cucumber and two servings of veggies + a ton of water! They are super healthy and I think they are very satisfying. After finishing a cucumber I'm 10x more full than I would be if I had a granola bar - and it is way better for you. 

Want to trim down a tad this summer? Try switching your snacks to veggies only, it made a big difference for me!

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