Is it Bad to Workout Everyday?

Here's the thing.

There is a huge difference between a workout planed and a workout completed.

During the week I think of at least 30 different workouts I could possibly do. And I am lucky if I actually get 5-6 of them in. What I have learned over my YEARS of fitness is that if I only plan to do 4 workouts a week, and miss one of them then I'm down to three. If I plan to get 7 in and miss one then I've done great.

Workouts are like brushing your teeth, you can't go two weeks without brushing and expect to be in the same place you were when you brushed regularly! You're WAY better off to over plan than you are to not plan at all. Life gets busy. Book your workouts.

Not all workouts are equal. Sometimes I'll go to the gym and just stretch. Other times I end up really needing a big burn and I'll do a circuit with intervals. The point here is that I do try my best to move every single day and ideally so should you.

Sitting is the new smoking.

Move, it feels great, you will feel great and soon enough you'll look great!

So is it bad to workout everyday - no way! Just be sure to mix it up, grab a friend, go to a class OR come to run club tonight with me at lululemon 153 Cumberland Street Toronto!! 

Checkout my facebook page for information on how to sign up! Hope to see you there!!