For My Girls ... a Note about the Girls

If there's one comment from my female clients that I could erase for EVER it would absolutely be: I don't want to get bulky.


 Let me tell you why I HATE this idea of getting bulky from basic bodyweight work and light, <25 lbs weights ... yes, that's light, weights. 

I will focus mostly on upper body concerns here because I get that most often ... but this is true for your lower body and bum too!!

If you actually did want to get bulky arms it would take a LOT of work as a woman to accomplish this. Our hormones just aren't set up for hypertrophy, we don't have nearly as much testosterone as our male friends. And even if you did make it a goal to get bulky arms it would take weeks of daily dedicated effort to even come close to what a man could do in half the time. At the end of the day I think of it like this -  how many men in the gym are trying to get big arms (all of them), now how many of them actually have them (maybe 10%)?!

If you don't want bulky arms stop eating bulky food in bulky portions!

The real truth about women and upper body strength is this: if you can't do a full proper push-up, chest to the floor with hips off the ground top to bottom then expect your boobs to drop below your belly button by the time you're 40. Seriously! Flappy pectoral muscles lead right into flabby boobs. Without getting too graphic here one of the biggest changes to my own body once I started getting more serious with weights and resistance training was I gave myself a mini breast lift. Seriously. It works. 

Adding muscle means adding metabolism boosters. 

So stop worrying about push-ups adding "bulk". Learn to LOVE them. You're not going to get bulky. Get your push-ups in gear and burn those bras because you won't need them anymore!! Don't be scared of adding muscle mass to your body. Strong IS sexy. Own it.

Now drop and give me 30!

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