So it's FREEZING ...

I feel like every year I forget just how FREAKING FREEZING Toronto can get in the wintertime. This week has been a rude reawakening. 

I still love you Toronto but honestly this madness has to stop!

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Now more than ever it's SO important to schedule workouts in and stick to them. It is so easy to slip back under the covers and skip a day - or a month but this is when they REALLY count. Overall we are so much less active in the winter. Case and point: today I drove to the grocery store around the corner because I was THAT cold. In the summer I'd walk 6x that easily. 

How To Keep Fitness On Top This Winter:

  • Get to a class - more bodies = more warmth! They are fun and a great way to socialize - don't become a winter hermit. 
  • If you can find a class that offers a little more cardio that would be a great way to make up for the general lack of movement getting to and from places
  • If you do workout at home pre-load your workout videos the day before and don't shut them off your computer until they are done.
  • If you have a gym in your condo building change into your gym outfit before you leave work and that way you can go straight there - DO NOT stop to "drop your bags off" that will only lead to youtube, facebook - one exception would be this blog of course - you can stop and check it!

Overall: be realistic - the chances of you being as active in the winter as you are in the summer are slim to none. Don't beat yourself up about it. Keep your nutrition in check and commit to a minimum of four planned workout sessions a week. You can do it!