The Waiting Game

The number one heartbreaking email I get is people telling me that they want to "wait to get in better shape before they come try my class."

Spoiler alert - you ARE ready!

Stop making the excuse that you need to get fit before you go to a fitness class. When you think about it how backwards is that?! That's like trying to become fluent in french before you step foot in a french class! We trainers are here and want to help you learn how to workout correctly! We are going to push you, but 99% of the time you can do it and the 1% that you can't is really no big deal, you'll get it next time! 

And here's the thing. If you're the strongest, fittest person in your workout class then it's probably time you start finding another class that is right for you. Bod Squad especially never gets easier but it will get better! Workouts are HARD WORK. If you're doing them right they should be super super super tough but the beauty really lies within that.

If you're trying double unders for the first time ever chances are it's just not going to happen. It took me about six classes to get the hang of them myself! Do NOT get down on yourself after one or two failed attempts! That's just cray-cray! 

Stop waiting to get fit enough to join a workout class. Get over yourself! You can do this!! You're batman, believe it. 

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