Embrace your Awkward

In high school my fittest friend by far was Sarah Tory, come to think of it she's probably still my fittest friend today too! When she told me she was going to join this junior varsity U of T running club I asked if I could tag along too.

:: Sarah Tory, Lorelle Convery, and Yours Truly at Track Camp in Florida 2005 ::

The next day I tagged along and I can remember my outfit perfectly - bright pink lululemon top (my only one at the time) and a pair of Roots sweat pants. Needless to say I was the only person who had sweats on for the entire practice! 

The workout was 8 x 600 m repeats. I got through 2.5 of them and had to walk it off - I remember feeling this weird combination of embarrassed but also excited about what my potential could be if I stuck with it. I got some new pants and showed up for practice the next time with this in mind - if I could just be one better than I was the last practice that would be perfect. Eventually I started to keep up with the full workouts and actually held my own - I was never top dog at running but I really did learn to love it and love running fast!

The point here is if you're the best person in your workout class then you're not in the right class! There is always going to be a certain degree of discomfort - mentally or physically at a workout - that's where the MAGIC happens! It's easier said than done but try to be patient with yourself, you will improve if you trust the process and constantly push yourself to be just a little bit better each time. As a teacher that is everything and the only thing I ask for from my bod squaders. And the other people in the room have most likely been exactly where you are and 99.9% of the time could give to hoots about what is going on beside them!

If you're the most awkward, uncoordinated person in the room then I'm here to tell you - you're in the right spot! Stick with it, recognize and reward even the tiniest bit of progress and keep driving forward!

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