Personal vs Group Training

It is very interesting to me how much my perspective on personal training has changed since I've become a trainer and bod squad leader. I would have initially thought that personal training was the best option and fit for everyone - if cost was no concern. But now I've seen first hand that isn't necessarily the case. 

A Case for Groups

I had a great chat with fellow trainers over breakfast last week and we all agreed that almost across the board our clients work harder in classes than they do when we are on them one on one. There's no chance to sit and chat about the weather - we've got to go go go!

You learn how to coach yourself. You've got to listen in a class and really focus on the task at hand. Your teacher will be supporting you in the background but you've got to control the voice in your own head. 

Cost wise you're getting a great deal at a quarter of the price.

Its fun and friendly - I've made a lot of friends at the gym and classes are a perfect way to meet people or spend time with your friends. The competitive booster atmosphere is a huge bonus in a group session! 

A Case for Personal Training

Personal training is absolutely a better fit for people with chronic injury conditions that need constant attention.

When you're just learning about exercise and want to get down the absolute basics properly - or you're trying to bump your workouts up another level and want form correction pointers on how to do that. 

If you have the funds and you're working with an expert trainer that really customizes a workout to your needs then go for it! 

Bottom Line 

In both cases the best results come from two things: dedication and consistency. Take your workouts seriously and they will show you serious results!

If I HAD to choose I would recommend classes to 99% of the population. You're way more likely to work harder and really it all comes down to the trainer leading the class. If the class size is reasonable (less than 15 people) a good trainer will be able to spot any glaring form errors and correct you in that moment. 

p.s. For those of you in Toronto my classes are about to get much more accessible - yayaya ... stay tuned for new years sign up coming soon!! 

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