Injury Rehab with Peacock

I first met Gavin in a gruelling ... actually it was more like punishing fitness class of his in the west end of the city at Think Fitness. I immediately thought - this guy knows his stuff ... and he's a little crazy, in the best way! SO fit! I peeled myself off the floor and three days later I could finally walk again. 

:: Gavin just being strong + In Gavin's class with my old track coach Jen!! ::

About a year later we reconnected at the Toronto airport. We arrived at the exact same time to head off to one of the greatest weeks of our lives - the ambassador summit. Courtesy of lululemon we were both flown to Whistler with 120 other amazing, beautiful, real, passionate fitness super leaders in their communities from all over the world. It was a game changer week to say the least. A moment to really pause and appreciate that there might actually really be something to this whole "follow your passion thing..." it could actually take us places - like Whistler!!!

I sat with Gavin on the bus from Vancouver to Whistler and he told me a little about his knee injury. At that time I didn't have much of any empathy, I had yet to really know what it would feel like as a fitness professional to go through a period of total immobility. Watching this video really made his story come to life. I have SO much respect for injury recovery now after going through my own experience this summer. It is hard to describe how something that once defined you and your profession totally renders you feeling completely useless!

There are a lot of great lessons here - it's inspiring to see that if you take the proper rest and recovery you can absolutely build yourself back better than ever! Go Gav! And yes I agree no trail running during recovery!! 

In addition to being a fitness fanatic Gavin is an excellent youtuber! Check out his channel flipped society for some crazy cool workouts, snowboarding and really anything extreme! Congratulations on being one tough cookie and getting through this. Can't wait to see what's in store for your next chapter!