Forced Festive Partner Workouts

When I first met Mr. Beauty and the Bod he was a total gym rat. In university we had two hour gaps between classes and labs so in that time Matt would usually go workout. Needless to say he was in amazing shape. Meanwhile, I would go to the odd campus rec class and sometimes triathlon club workouts but I wasn't nearly as dedicated or consistent as he was back then. Since becoming a trainer for a living I've absolutely caught up! We both have a healthy balance of workouts in the week that works out great for us. We did our own thing in university with the exception of a few random workouts together.


:: Workout Buddies! We Match! ::

Nowadays Matt and I love working out together and alone. He comes to my Bod Squad classes twice a week, plays hockey and does his own gym workouts about three times a week on top of that. On the weekend we might go to a class together or go to the gym and do a countdown challenge or piece of a workout together but very rarely do we do the exact same workout.

When it comes to couples workout partners I believe that a workout regime is a really personal thing. You've got to do what feels right for you. It can be a total bonus and a win if you and your partner happen to love the same workout ... and doing it at the exact same time. But just because you don't want to hold hands during a sweat session does not at all mean you're in a bad relationship! I love going to the gym together but just because I go doesn't mean Matt needs to follow me there.

There was this one time that I thought it would be a fun idea to give Matt a personal training session. No. About 5 minutes in we decided it would be best for our relationship if I didn't do that ... it just doesn't work for us! The same thing went for me. Whenever Matt used to film me doing workouts or even just take my picture for Instagram I would get so stressed out. Imagine this: you're doing a really tough workout meanwhile your boyfriend is standing over you taking your picture and at the same time you are trying to smile and look great. Just not the funnest.

We love leading active lives but a big part of that for us is encouraging the other person to do what feels right for them. Working out together from time to time is a lot of fun but every day would feel way too forced. 

If your partner isn't so much into the whole workout thing then honestly that's really up to them to figure out. As tempting as it might be to sneak in a "super fun" spin class on date night just let it be. The best motivation is to lead by example. Chances are if you super energized and happy and your bod is starting to look rockin' AND you are excited about going to the gym your partner will see that as some motivation to get on the gym wagon!