Workout Guilt

Now more than ever there is SO much pressure to have the "perfect" workout.

Every time I turn on instagram I see people running, doing yoga, Pilates, back bending, Crossfit and then I think that I should be doing yoga, Pilates, trail running through the perfect trail, going to try Crossfit, then maybe back for more yoga. There is so much out there it can get overwhelming very quickly!

Sometimes too much choice is not productive – especially when it comes to your workout!

Breathe. Plan and do what feels right for you. Book your workouts and commit to them. Bosses don't cancel.

I get a lot of flak from my running friends because I actually love running on treadmills. Some say it's not a pure form of running and you're not training your muscles exactly the same way pushing the road forward … but you know what – I am ok with that! For me the condo treadmill is a simple sure way to get a great 20 minute MAX burst in and not spend a second longer than I need to at my workout. It doesn't look the prettiest on instagram but it's not for that it's for me.

My advice is to book your workouts in and stick with YOUR schedule. I always write classes into my calendar so I know when they're happening and I book them in just like I book in clients. Don't worry what pinterest is doing today. Commit to your plan and your body will start to commit back to you.