Handy Issue

Ever wonder why you hate burpees and push-ups so much?

:: Don't turn your back on burpees – they really are fun! ::

Well, based on what I've seen and done over the years there is a good chance you are doing them alllllllllllllll wrong.

If you have ever come to a Bod Squad or trained with me then you've certainly heard me say – "FLAT HANDS" at least once. To me this is absolutely the #1 problem with burpees. Cheating hands!

The reason why I know this so well is because I used to do it to! I just checked out this ancient youtube video and actually taught burpees with this absolutely terrible form!


Here's the problem. When your hands look like this you are transfering all the work into your joints and away from your arms! The only thing you're going to build here is future wrist trouble. DO NOT do this! Stop cheating, you're already 95% in at this point you might as well give that extra 5% and really commit.


Here is the correct way to have your hands in a plank, push-up, burpee. Push into all five fingers and get a great quality full push off the ground. This will build a lot more strength in your upper body and save your joints!

If you have wrist stuff – which unfortunately I do from time to time. You can make a fist with the affected wrist and press your knuckles into the mat. Looking at this picture my elbows aren't perfect, ideally they should have a softer bend! I am hyperextending here! But that's just me being critical!!

So now go bang out ten great quality flat handed burpees!! Aren't they SOOO much better now?!