Top 5 Tips on Injuries

This past summer I certainly learned a thing or two about injuries after breaking my foot. By no means am I an expert but if I could go back and give myself five pieces of advice here is what they would be:

1. Give yourself an absolute maximum of 72 hours to feel bad for yourself. Injuries are THE WORST but they aren't forever unless you allow them to be! Let it go and focus on the positive. Recovery is 99% a mental battle.Take a look at the world around you, there are people that are permanently in wheel chairs with life-long chronic conditions. Luckily, you just have an acute sports injury. It will get better and you will be stronger for it.

2. Stop working out. Your body needs rest and if you push it when you're down you will likely only dig yourself deeper into the tunnel of injury. Before I broke my foot I used to workout for at least two hours a day. I then took 7 weeks off completely – like completely as in I didn't even touch my toes once! At first it was horrible – I was grumpy and snappy but then it became ok. It has been five weeks since I've been back at it and I'm feeling stronger than ever. Your body will bounce back – especially if you have a great base.

3. Take the time to focus on your nutrition. Diet is E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. BAHHHHHHHH wish it weren't so!!! The truth is you can get your body to at least an 8/10 on diet alone … exercise is just the magical cherry on top. Scale back your portions and get your greens in.

4. Go to physio and actually DO the exercises. One of the best pieces of advice I got from my physio was to avoid walking with a limp at all costs. 

5. Keep taking risks once you're recovered. I am still a total workout fun seeker. It is important to keep pushing yourself after an injury happens. I never think of my left foot as my "bad foot" it's just my foot now. Don't give yourself a lifelong excuse, injuries do not define you. It's up to you to define them.