The SwiMP3

My swim life was completely changed this morning all thanks to this little guy:

:: The SwiMP3 ::

Up until three days ago I didn't even know this kind of device existed! 

I was lamenting about my swimming boredom and a client of mine who's daughter is an absolutely amazing synchro swimmer. After our workout my client ran into her closet and gave me this - The SwiMP3, an underwater music player. How cool is that?! It just clips on to your googles and you're good to go. The USB cap plugs right into the computer and you can download any song you want. The verison I have is 1G so up to about 50 … which is WAY more than I could ever swim for at this point! 

Seriously if you're a swimmer you probably already know about this or have one but as a newbie to the pool I think this is just the coolest thing ever. HUGE thank you to Jill D!

My one observation is there is no volume switch … at least I can't seem to find one! The volume is set at a good level so that wasn't a problem during my laps. The only time it was a little loud was when I was doing my rehab jumps … but I guess those look a little weird on their own anyway. 

I can't wait to get back in the pool now. YAYA!