Regent Park Aquatic Centre

Let me just state now once and for all that I'm not a natural swimmer.

In university I lived with a fish, lifeguard and absolutely stunning swimmer named Jules. Jules would take me to the pool from time to time and lap me … on the warm-up! Because I'm FAR from a gifted swimmer I generally make it a rule to avoid the sport all together. But with my recovering broken foot there is absolutely no better rehab workout than swimming. I've been VERY grateful for the regent park aquatic centre.

The facility is brand new, absolutely beautiful and FREE! Like, free free!


There are two 25 m pools with lane swim schedule available hereJust remember to bring a locker and your own towel!! Also the change rooms are completely unisex and open glass to the pool - kind of strange at first glance but after some thought this actually is a really smart idea for safety. All change stalls are individual. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Regent Park it hasn't had the brightest past but it's really turning around now. It is really easy to get to and wait for it … there's FREE PARKING also!! Such a win. 

If you're looking for a free, beautiful and safe place to swim look no further than Regent Park! 

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