If You Can Read This

Put your phone down and get back to your workout!

I rarely workout at "normal" people hours because of my client's schedules. My typical workout time is around 2 or 3 pm when I'm done with morning clients and just before I start for night timers. Needless to say I'm usually alone in our condo gym. 

Wednesday night was a rarity for me, I was home at 5:30 pm and decided to join Matt for a workout. Matt normally works out around 6 pm and has told me about a few regular characters he sees in our gym from time to time. His favourite is a young guy he has nicknamed "arms". Arms is about 20 years old and always has a cellphone in his hand. He usually enters the gym (dressed in jeans) and walks straight over to the dumbbell rack. He then sits down, texts with one hand and curls with the other for about 20 minutes alternating cellphone and weight. On Wednesday I finally got an arms spotting!!

The funny thing was Arms was not the only person using their phone in the gym. When I actually looked around more than half of the people had their phones out for texting breaks.

Unless you're looking to get seriously strong thumb muscles put your phones down!! If you're working out at a pace that your actually capable of reading 10 pt font then guaranteed you're absolutely not working out hard enough. You're wasting your time and you'd be better off not even bothering!

Do one thing and do it right. Your phone will always be there when you get back from the gym! Whenever you put a little work into your workout you will really start to see the magic happen.