Exercise & Stress

In a recent (and remarkable) Princeton University study by Elizabeth Gould, mice were split into two groups: one with unlimited access to a running wheel and one that remained sedentary. (Source)

Six weeks later, both groups of mice were put in a bath of cold water to induce stress. The differences in brain activity were profoundly thought provoking: The mice that hadn’t worked out showed an immediate stress response—an increase in genes that turn on quickly when a neuron “fires.” The fit mice, on the other hand, showed an uptick in “inhibitory neurons”—ones that keep these “excitable” neurons in check.

Why this matters: Exercise totally keeps our entire personalities steady. Even in the last three weeks with my broken foot I haven't been able to do a single workout I have TOTALLY noticed this. I'm surprised at how much of the mental release I miss from exercise, I would have never had thought before this injury that I would miss it more than the physical act but now I know I most certainly do!

There is absolutely no question in my mind now how much exercise really can impact the brain. No wonder the wealthiest people in the world are also regular exercisers! Check out this cool chart!

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So if summer bodies doesn't motivate you to get your daily dose of endorphin boosting sweat fun in then I hope this does!! Keep working out for me guys! One more week until my next appointment with the surgeon and hopefully I'll be back to weight bearing!