Confessions of a Skinny Fat

skinny fat.jpg

This morning I decided to do something I rarely do – stepped on the scale!

At one point in my life I weighed myself 10+ times a day. In high school I was a rower and needed to weigh less than 63 kgs (138.6 lbs) to compete. I was obsessed with the scale, at one point even had one in my locker! The funny thing I noticed in hindsight was that the more I fixated on my weight the higher the number climbed. I even stopped drinking water because I was focused on the short-term change in the scale after drinking! I was cray-cray.

After my final rowing competition I went on a scale cleanse for about three years. I was curious one day I stepped on and was SHOCKED to see that I was about 10 lbs lighter than my obsession days. 

Since then I've climbed up and down +/- about 6 lbs or so depending on the holiday! I weight myself about once a month or even every other month just as a general check in. The last time I did this was just before I broke my foot I weighed 134 lbs and felt awesome. 

So back to this morning, I pulled out my scale and dusted it off. Hopped on and I weight 130 - 4 lbs lost in a month with ZERO activity … unless you count my toe exercises from the physio which I do diligently but I'm pretty sure they don't burn a ton of calories! 

My muscle tone is almost completely disappearing up my left leg and recently the atrophy has started making it's way to my gluts GRRRRRRRR. NOT THE GLUTS! Haha!! And for the first time in my life I am feeling like I've got a mini little belly going on. I know I'm just being critical and I'm totally fine with all of this because I know I'll be back to my healthy routine in no time!

The point of this story is that the scale really isn't the best way to track progress at all and especially once you reach a certain level of fitness! I like to take measurements and use jeans as an indicator. But really the best measurement of all is just to relax and know that when you're making healthy choices your body is going to be really happy about them and will eventually start to sparkle for you. Nobody will ever see the number on the scale but they will see the smile on your face when you're feeling confident and fit! It might not happen overnight, or over the course of a week even, but eventually it will catch up with you!

I can't wait to gain those 4 lbs back!!