Athlete of the Month: Jill Saltzman

Jill Saltzman is a trainer's dream come true to train … probably because she's an awesome trainer herself!

One of the HUGE perks of being a lululemon ambassador is that we are gifted one free workout class a week to take anywhere in the city. It is an amazing way to checkout new workouts and meet other trainers. 

I'd heard great things about Track Fitness so I decided to give their Circuit class a go. I was told that I HAD to take this woman Jill's class, she was the best, most creative and really thought hard about her class layout. I went and LOVED it! After a few classes Jill approached me about training her! At first I was nervous, she was the first trainer I've ever trained! Immediately though I felt like I could help and we got to work. Jill is a highlight in my week. She's always up for anything and she seriously makes every second count. LOVE that!

In our first six weeks together Jill lost 6.5 inches off her waist, hips, thighs and arms. She's lighter now than she was on her wedding day! AND most importantly I have her running at a 11.0 mph! 

Thanks for being a superstar Jill and I look forward to many more sweaty sessions with you!

How did you hear about Preston Fitness? 

I first met Christie after she started coming to my circuit class….just looking at her I could tell she was either an athlete of some sort or a part of the industry! She is in amazing shape!!! At some point we started talking about "the business" and she handed me her card. I checked out her website and blog and immediately connected with her story. I felt I needed a change and decided to book one on one sessions to reach some new goals.

What was your first session like?

Our first session was amazing…I loved the challenge and I loved the flow of the workout. I was immediately hooked. My measurements were taken and there was no turning back!!!

What do you like most about training with Christie?

As a personal trainer I didn't want to work with just anyone. I really needed to make sure I had the best. With Christie, that's what I have. I love the mix she throws into our workouts. Intervals with anything from Pilates to pull-ups!

Favourite food?

Fave food right now is..hmm..such a tough call….I'm loving my brown rice cake with hazelnut butter, topped with fresh berries.

Favourite way to sweat?

For me, the harder the workout the better…love sweating it up with Christie…loved our ladder workout! Also love feeling the sweat as it pours off while I'm teaching spin (check me out at track fitness). That sweat is like my daily detox!!

What inspires you to keep active?

I've been in this business for 20 years and without fitness I would be lost. It has changed me for the better, it has made me strong on the inside and out and it definitely keeps me sane. I love my active lifestyle and I hope to motivate as many people as I can. But most importantly I want to influence my kids to lead a healthy active life!

Summer goals?

Besides looking good!! I would like to work on my flexibility…maybe get that headstand in too!!!