Get Out of Your Own Way

On any given day there are over 1,000 reasons why not to workout.

Here are some of the most common ones I see with clients and how to avoid them.


Ok, I'm about to share with you a little secret – EVERYONE has an injury. You are extremely rare (and lucky) if you're over 25 and you don't have a bad knee, back, hip etc. Extremely. Injury should not prevent you from exercise. The truth is injuries often never fully recover back to 100%, don't wait for it to happen because you might be waiting a lifetime. Stop focusing on what you can't do and start focusing on what you CAN do. Go to classes, tell the teacher and learn some modifications - seriously I am SO happy when injured bod squaders come to class and take their own modifications I'm proud of them for getting the job done no matter what. 

Wrong Time of Day:

There is no such thing as an ideal time of day to workout for "fat-loss", "toning", "cellulite-reduction" … no no no. The only "ideal" time to workout is the time that you actually do it. I used to insist on getting my workout in first thing because that is what I was used to from rowing. When I didn't workout in the morning I told myself, 'it will never happen' and that manifested into me never working out. Stop thinking of yourself as a "morning, noon or night person" and start thinking about yourself as an person. Now I normally don't get a chance to workout until 2 or 3 pm. I have grown to love afternoon workouts – they give me a huge boost in energy for my night clients and they cut out the afternoon snack hour.

I'm Tired:

No wonder you're tired, you're not working out! Exercise is the best way to boost your energy. You will feel amazing after (hopefully even during if you're lucky). If you tell yourself you're too tired, then you will be too tired. Stop that! Get yourself to the gym and just giver. 99/100 you will get a workout done and 50% of the time it will be better than you expected. 

It's Boring:

Boring beats being fat. Sorry, harsh but true. If you're bored with your workout mix it up. There are 1000 different fitness classes online and in the city. There is no reason why you should ever do the same workout twice – and actually you're way better off not to!

I'll get Bulky:

Warning: never, ever ever ever say this to me in a class. Ever. It might be ugly! Unless you are power lifting on the regular it is very unlikely that exercise will make you bulky. Cupcakes, wine, bagels, cheese – that stuff makes you bulky, gives you thick arms, heavy thighs, bellies. 10 lb weights are wonderful. Add strength training into your weekly rountine at least twice a week. Mix in three to four cardio intervals on top of that and you're golden. 

I Never Notice Any Changes:

Exercise isn't a destination – it is all about the journey. The second I stopped setting weight loss goals and started setting athletic goals I became 100x happier with my body. Once you reach your goal you can't expect everything to magically pause … it just doesn't work that way. Our bodies are dynamic – moving is a life-long endeavour.

Bottom line: YOU are the reason why you're not getting your workout in. Repeat: it's not because of x, y or z it's only because of me. Stop blocking yourself from reaching your potential. No excuses. Enough already. This is your year. Let's do this.