Stick to it Supermodel Style

November has historically been the worst month for fitness commitments. It's getting colder, darker and clothes are getting bulkier. Essentially the perfect storm for erasing all of your summer progress!

:: @iza_goulart has some serious Pilates skills … no wonder she's a Victorias Secret Model + @iamnaomicampbellcasually does a wheel on her boat ::

The key to these next four months of winter is to set yourself up for success and commit to your routine. Supermodels never take a day off, and it shows! Fitness doesn't have to take up your entire day, actually you're better off not working out for more than an hour… keep it consistent (30-45 minutes everyday) and you will see the best results!

:: @barrefaeli on the trx + @adrianalima killing it with core stability on the ball ::

Here are the top five things that I do to stick with it through the winter:

1. Sign-up for a class: having an exact time and place to workout keeps me accountable and motivated. It also helps inspire class ideas. Some of my favourites (besides Bod Squad!!!) are Fuel Training Club, Track Fitness Circuit Classes and Ultimate Athletics.

2. Run inside. I am the weirdo that actually loves treadmill running. We have a treadmill in our building and I try to run for 20 – 40 minutes on it 4-5 times per week. Just put some tunes on or listen to all the crazy Rob Ford news channels lately and I'm good to go!

3. New Outfits. Ok this one might sound shallow but it actually works! One of the key motivators to exercise is feeling good about your body. Especially if you're going to stick with an outdoor program layering will be a key success factor to your enjoyment!

4. Workout when it's light out. I like working out in the mornings even more in the winter time because by 6:50 am the sun is up and it's not so depressing. Last night I went for a run outside at 5:30 pm and it was pitch black. Kind of scary and probably not the safest.

5. Try something new. I've recently been trying to add in a lot more stretching into my routine. It has been refreshing to set new goals and change up my regular routine.

And a note on diet: the food you eat will determine 90% of the winter layer you add on. That's the brutal reality but truth. Keep munching on your greens and up your water intake big time. By March break your body will thank you!