Athlete of the Month: Justine Kilby

August's athlete of the month is my friend and bride to be Justine Kilby!

:: Justine Kilby ::

What I love about training Justine:

Justine is one of the most determined people I know, she will never ever say no to trying the craziest workouts I can think of. Justine leaves me (and her fellow Bod Squaders) in awe every morning at our workouts. I love training Justine because she is super strong, fun to be around and always arrives just in time with a huge smile on her face.

This lady is going places and I love watching her succeed. Thanks for being an amazing Bod Squader Justine. I am SO excited for you and Eric to start this next chapter, I couldn't be happier for you both. You two make an awesome team … although you might have to teach him a thing or two about double unders!! 

What Justine Loves about Bod Squad:

I love Bod Squad for a whole bunch of reasons. Here are three:

3. It's a really nice change to ditch the gym and workout outside.

2. The Bod Squad group is wonderful. I didn't know anyone when I started Bod Squad last year and I really look forward to seeing their smiling faces – it's a safe and supportive environment.

1. Christie is in a league of her own. She is an extremely talented and inspiring instructor/burpee enthusiast/entrepreneur. Christie is always professional and prepared, and also makes time to get to know her clients personally which I really appreciate. The classes contain a lot of variety and she is able to make them challenging to all fitness levels. I came back to Bod Squad this year after 6 months of Crossfit thinking I was in pretty good shape and Christie still kicks my butt!

I highly recommend Christie's Bod Squad program and I am looking forward to next season already!