Six Things I KNOW For Sure About Fitness

1. Instructors make the class. I don't care what the discipline, if the instructor is great any class can be amazing.

2. There is no perfect workout for everyone. We were all born to excel in different areas – just like some of us loved science in high school where others couldn't balance an equation to save their life, speaking from personal experience here! The key is finding the workout that works for you and sticking with it!

3. Diet is EVERYTHING. Gahhh I wish it weren't true but it is. Unfortunately it's wayyyy easier to eat 3,000 calories (one big bowl of fettuccine alfredo will get you close!) a than it is to burn them (running about 25 miles)!! The key here is preparation, make your meals in advanced and bring food to work, it's 100x healthier and you'll eat way less when you're not starving and making quick choices at a cafeteria.

4. Injuries are inevitable but the real sign of true fitness is how you pull yourself back off the floor from them. A lot of the time when we get injured it's hard not to think about what you can't do, where really the focus should be on what you can do. Physio and rehab is great but you also need to keep your training and fitness up in other areas, this will help keep you strong in the long run everywhere. The brutal truth about injuries that few practitioners will actually admit to is that they might never feel the same again. Learning how to work with your limitations and will make you stronger! This is SO important.

5. Myofasical release is the most under talked about form of therapy in fitness. The only thing I do every single day to say limber is foam roll / stick therapy. Especially in the hips and IT area. Happy hips, happy body! 

6. Exercise is the fountain of youth.