"Feminine" Muscles

This is a topic that I struggle with in my own workouts and hear ALL the time from clients – "I don't want to get bulky".

:: Jessica Biel … not bulky and she works out!! ::

I don't want you to get bulky either! Here is the truth loud and clear ladies: The 10 lb weight you're lifting won't make you bulk up BUT the food you're eating will!!! Your arms are big because they are fat, not because they are too muscular. Muscle doesn't turn into fat … muscle will burn fat!

:: Stacy Keibler lifting weights! ::

If you can't do at least 20 full push-ups now then expect your boobs to be hanging below your ribs by the time you're 40 … and that's NOT feminine at all!! I'm totally serious about this. It actually will happen. It's not pretty so drop and give me 20 now! 

Lean muscle mass increases your metabolism to burn more fat on your body. Weight training is your friend, not your foe. I'm not talking about dead lifting 300 lbs or being able to bicep curl 45 lbs, body weight training, plyometrics and interval training all have given my body my best results yet. Adding variety to your training by concentrating on different muscle groups will keep you from feeling "bulky" and it will keep your muscles guessing what's next which will essentially shock your body into change! 

Stop being scared of your workouts and start being scared of those 12 cookies you ate last night. If you're eating right and working out consistently 5-6x per week you're going to see some awesome changes in your body.

Strong is the new sexy. You go pump it up girl!