Athlete of the Month: Carolyn Poirier

Congratulations to Carolyn Poirier – February's Athlete of the month!


Carolyn comes to every class with a huge smile across her face that never leaves no matter what. We could be doing crazy burpee sets and Carolyn would be grinning the entire way through. She brings awesome energy to the group and you can always count on her to crack a joke or two. I am honoured to workout with Carolyn, she's a force for good.


Financial marketer by day, chairty huslter by night. 

Who is your celebrity body idol?

Jessica Simpson – circa Daisy Dukes days:

How do you make your workouts work?

I always schedule time in to get a workout done. I heard this quote once about how workouts and taking time for yourself can seem selfish but it's in fact selfless – I totally believe that. I know I'm happier once I've done my workout and it will make me a better person around my friends and family.

Favourite healthy meal:

I love a good piece of grilled salmon and asparagus on the side. Nothing beats that combo on a summer day!

Favourite cheat food:

Cheese – specifically brie. Yummmmmmm!!!

Favourite workout clothing item:

Last summer Christie offered me a sample sports bra called the Shock Absorber. I am well endowed and before that I would have to wear up to three bras to a workout class. The Shock Absorber was LIFE CHANGING. This bra hugs but doesn't squeeze – I can still breathe! I love love love it and wear it to every single Bod Squad.

Why Bod Squad?

It's SO much fun! The workouts are intense, I've seen huge changes in my fitness and physical appearance, which is very motivational. I also love the people, my group is so awesome I often forget we are even working out at all!

Message to the world:

My mom is my wonderwoman, not too long ago she was diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's disease. Her diagnosis has had a profound impact on my life and the way I look at the world. Last year, in her honour, along with six of my closest friends I started Memory Ball, which raised over $30,000! This year the event is going to be amazing! The event is on Saturday March 23 at Andrew Richard's Designs. There is an open bar, DJ, sicilent auction and tons of fun other things. Please have a look at our website to find out more information. Tickets are already almost gone!

Matt and I will be at Memory Ball again this year and I seriously can't wait. It was our most fun night out last year. Carolyn and the Memory Ball team do an outstanding job with the event. It is such a great cause with huge meaning and I'm so happy to support them!