The Power of the Nap

Recently my hours have been insane. I love what I do and I'm lucky to do it so I can't complain but I've had to add in a regular nap to keep up my energy for my nightime clients and Bod Squads.

{MacGregor, our 103 year old poodle has the art of power napping down pat!}

For weeks I've been waking up super grumpy after my hour long naps. Ready to bite at anyone and just plain grouchy which isn't fun at all! Then last week I learned from a client who has a PhD in psychology and has specialized in sleep that the ideal nap length is under 27 minutes or over 2 hours, if you wake-up inbetween that timing you distrub the deep phase of your sleep cycle – the REM phase – and you will be worse off for having napped in the first place. Since learning this I've shortened my naps and that's made a huge difference in my grouch levels! Next time you're due for a nap try this and I hope it will help you too!