The Beauty of a Morning Workout

Yesterday Bod Squad kicked off it's third season!

The weather was perfect, the group was great and the workout was fun (well for me anyway!)

I was reminded of two things:

1. I love my job.

2. I love working out in the mornings!

I think mornings are the best time of day to exercise for a number of reasons:

  • You get it done right away so you're not thinking about it later
  • Fit people workout in the mornings, I find it more motivational to be in the gym around really commited people and typically you find those people in the mornings!
  • You feel better throughout the day
  • It's a fresh time, I like the quiet and crispness of mornings
  • For purely lazy reasons you don't have to shower twice!

I know it's tough getting yourself up and out of bed for a workout so it really helps if you're meeting a group or a friend. You will be way more likely to stick to the mornings if you have something to get to!

Bottom Line: The truth is that the best time to workout is the time that you will workout! If you can't stand mornings don't worry about it. Just make working out part of your routine and stick with it!

When do you guys like to workout?

Here's an FAQ video I did on this topic!