Five Back to Workout Tips!

Today is back to school, which for many of us just means back to our routine. Summer is still here but at work we are getting back to business which means longer hours and more excuses when it comes to getting to the gym. Here are my top five suggestions for making your back to workout routine stick!

1. Drink more water. Why? Because it's good for you AND it makes you think about making other healthy choices. When you drink water throughout the day you are less likely to snack and you will be properly hydrated for your workout!

2. The very first question I like to ask all my clients is, when were you in the best shape of your life? Everyone basically has the same answer to this question – "when I was on a sports team, when I ran with a running group, when I worked out with a trainer twice per week…." The common thread in these answers is most people are in great shape when they have a strict workout routine. I schedule all workouts with my clients in their blackberry calendars or meeting makers and I make sure to schedule my own in there too. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail – make your own workout schedule and stick as close to is as possible!

3. Find a buddy. Working out with a friend is 10x more fun and it can be really motivational to get you to the gym. The best case scenario is find a friend that is slightly more fit than you. If you don't know anyone the gym is actually a great place to find a potential buddy.

4. Try a new workout class! I'm loving yoga here, pilates here (with Brittany) and of course Bod Squad here!

5. Sign-up for a race or a run! The Terry Fox run is coming up on September 16th, now is the perfect time to start training for it!