Most people think that cellulite affects only those who are overweight or out of shape. The truth is cellulite affects every two out of three women, including those who are very thin. Heck, I'm 15.3% body fat (very lean for a female) and I have a little bit of cellulite from time to time! Cellulite is made up of a mixture of water, waste, and toxins in the skin tissue and fatty tissue in certain cells.

There are two types of cellulite: The first kind is characterized by a lack of elasticity in the skin. When you pinch your skin between two fingers, it is puffy and looks like the skin of a lemon. The second kind of cellulite typically happens to women 35+ it causes the skin tissue to be spongy and flabby. The cellulite looks different depending on whether you are standing (it diminishes) or lying down (it spreads).

Four reasons why we get cellulite:

  1. Water retention. It happens during periods of stress or before menstruation and then goes away after a few days without any special treatment, except when following a strict diet of no sugar and little salt.
  2. Hormonal changes.
  3. Stress.
  4. Heredity. Heredity is an important factor in the development of cellulite, just as it is for obesity. Women who have varicose veins and circulation problems often pass them on to their daughters. But diet and exercise can counteract here!

No matter what kind of cellulite you have the best way to combat it is with intense exercise. Make it jiggle! Run interval sprints! Sweat. And eat a diet low in excess sugars and salt. Cellulite can't be fixed with creams, scrubs or anything topical – they will not work! Best to spend that time and money in a gym.