Athlete of the Month: Susan Barrett

When you first start a business you really learn a lot about who your true supporters are. The friends who, without hesitation, sign-up on your very first day are truly very special people. Susan Barrett, apart from my parents, was my very first personal training client.

I'd only met Susan once before we started training together. We met at a luncheon that my mom was hosting on networking and Susan was asked to speak. I sat beside her that lunch and felt an instant connection with her. She immediately struck me as confident, intelligent and considerate. Last summer we began working out together. Then Susan continued to become a regular staple client throughout the winter months.

The remarkable thing about Susan is I've never ever seen her in a bad mood. As a trainer I'm used to people swearing at me, pouting, walking away, etc. and there's none of that with Susan, she was up for anything! Her positivity was especially remarkable because we trained at 6:30 am twice per week in the dead of winter! Susan would waltz in to my gym impeccably dressed with perfect hair! She would always have a huge grin on her face, smiling from ear to ear. I really looked forward to seeing her at 6:30 am, and I don't say that about everyone!!

Two months ago I received some devastating news. Susan was diagnosed with cancer and needed immediate treatment. I was absolutely blown away by this. The crazy thing I've come to know about cancer is how healthy and well a person can look and feel; Susan is an avid adventurer and had just returned from hiking an average of seven miles per day in the California hills. It was tough to hear this about such a special person.

Susan has begun her journey to conquer her cancer. She's one of the bravest, kindest, most thoughtful people I've ever met. I would like to name Susan Barrett the athlete of the month because of her strength and eternal optimism. Although she's not able to train with me now I know Susan is working hard to stay strong and is fighting daily. Like everything Susan does, she does it extremely well, she's attacking this cancer with full force. I believe in Susan Barrett!

I am proud to know her and I wish her and her entire family love and support. Go girl!