Athlete of the Month: Kathy Stewart

{Kathy & I post workout – still smiling!}

I first met Kathy, super mom of three boys ages 11,8 and 6, at the Bod Squad in May. The thing that impressed and impresses me the most about Kathy is no matter what she never misses a morning workout and she always walks in and leaves smiling from ear to ear.

She is a true testament to the idea that a positive and fun attitude can directly transfer into your actions. Kathy started off strong at the Squad but it wasn't long before she was right on the tails of my very fit (and 20ish years her junior) sister Lindsay on the stair climbs.

I love having Kathy in class, her quick witted jokes and fun nature make her an absolute pleasure to train and I'm delighted she's signed on for the fall season at Totum! Congratulations to Kathy and thanks for being a rockstar!