12 Minute Rule

Yesterday I headed out on what I hoped would be a gorgeous fall run. I really wasn't feeling it from the get go but I have this rule that I made up for myself almost ten years ago now and I still follow it every single workout:
The 12 minute rule -  if I'm not feeling into the workout after 12 minutes then I can quit, stop, walk home, done ka-put. No questions asked.

Since the hardest part of any workout is usually putting your shoes on and getting out the door the 12 minute law is a good deal to strike with your pre-workout self. In ten years I've probably used it 30 times but it's made me get out and run hundreds of times even when I really didn't want to. Yesterday was I was thinking it would be the 31st but when I actually got outside and broke the 12 minute barrier I had one of my best runs in memory, fast but felt effortless – I was so glad I went.

Try the 12 minute law on! Some of you might only need 9 minutes to know, others 18 minutes to get into your groove but be fair to yourselves, if you're not feeling it no sense in killing it – running is supposed to be somewhat fun!