Athletes of the Month: Team Elliot

Friday mornings at 6 am I ride my bike up Mt. Pleasant hill to meet with Tom and Jennifer Steckel Elliott.

With two busy careers and two cute as a button kids aged eight and six they don’t have much time to dedicate to exercise, yet I think they look like supermodels and they have the physical prowess of competitive athletes!

I met Jennifer at the Bod Squad last summer. She was always an enthusiastic participant and since the summer we have continued training with her husband Tom. Jennifer and Tom are a unique husband and wife team, not everyone can exercise side-by-side their spouse! The best thing about training Tom and Jennifer is their willing attitude. The exercises I make them do are absolutely insane and not once have they refused – one arm push-up, no problem!

This dynamic duo have carved out what works for them for their fitness routine and they stick with it! Fitting in workouts early in the morning gets them done and out of the way. Jennifer believes in doing two or three really intense workouts per week, Tom on the other hand does our Friday morning insane workout and then chooses to do small frequent workouts throughout the week like ride his bike to work or go for a jog. Jennifer recommends having an appointment, like a class or a trainer because that way you will stay committed to your program. They both eat healthy diets and have always kept up their physical fitness. From what I observe these two have fun with their fitness, I think that’s been a big key to their success!

Congratulations and thank you to these athletes of the month!!