Athlete of the Month: Genevieve Westrope

Three Bod Squad summers ago a young woman named Genevieve came strolling down the lane way toward the park. I'd never met Gen so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. At first glance I saw that she was dressed in Ed Hardy converse sneakers and was wearing a large oversized t-shirt that I learned later belonged to her dad. Gen began by telling me she wouldn't run and that she hadn't really exercised at all since grade 11 gym class. Off to a good start! No problem I thought, I'll fix that.

I'd heard that Gen somewhat begrudgingly agreed to join Bod Squad, she'd been convinced by her best friend Lindsay (my sister) that jumping around in the park at 6:30 am might be a good idea.

Right from the very first workout Gen came prepared with a get-er-done attitude. She was focused, dediacated – didn't miss a day, and totally gave it her all – especially on hill day field trips! I knew she started off secretly hating every minute of the workout but the key was she kept at it.

One of the reasons why I love Bod Squad is because they are really challenging workouts but it's really about doing YOUR best and not worrying about how anyone else is doing. We are all there for the same reasons: to get fit and have fun! Gen got that from the begining and now she's a total superstar at the workouts – practice makes perfect!

Gradually over the summers I saw a shift in Gen, she totally got her aaa-ha! moment last summer. She started losing inches like they were melting off her.

Her total weight lost at Bod Squad was over 25lbs and most importantly she lost over 62 inches!

I always say it's so not about the weight but how you feel you're living your best life and doing what you love. Talking to Gen now is like talking to a completely different person then I met three years ago. She was always and is still awesome but her sparkle seems to shine so much brighter now!

Gen's been a Bod Squadette for two years and I can't wait to have Gen come out to Bod Squad again this summer! She's such an inspiration to me. Thanks Gen!