Why STRESS makes you Fat

1000s of years ago humans were stressed out. Not because of a broken blackberry, or a midterm exam looming. Famine stressed us out. We were stressed because winter was coming and that meant we were going to starve.

Back then mother nature intervened and helped us out. Whenever we were stressed she would increase our drive for fatty foods and released a hormone (cortisol) that would make us hold onto to fat longer which would allow us the best possible chance for survival through the famine period.

The only problem is now we aren’t starving, and our waist lines are BURSTING. You are biologically predisposed to crave fat and hang onto it when you’re stressed out. We can’t eliminate stress entirely but we can manage it more effectively.

So what can you do…

At least 30 minutes everyday.

Take a deep breath and spend more time doing and less time worrying.

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