Push-ups = The New Bra

Great news ladies - did you know that push-ups can actually lift up!

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Trust me on this one… It works! After adding push-ups to my workouts I noticed a big difference within 2 months, better than buying a new bra because it’s permanent!

Building up your pectoral muscles will help lift up your chest – actually. If you can’t do 10 real push-ups then you’re looking at a future of droopy boobies so get going!


  • Start with 3 sets of 10 push-ups on your knees.
  • Then work to 5 off your knees, 5 on your knees, eventually getting to 10.
  • Then start with 20 (10 off knees, 10 on) … progress in the same pattern from there (I do 3 sets of 30 full push-ups now)

If you do these 4x per week as part of your workout routine for 8 weeks you will notice a big difference.

Hurray for push-ups